“All you need is a little bit.”

St. Patricks Community Centre

“If I can do it, anyone can do it. All you need is a little bit of this (pointing to his heart), a little bit of this (pointing to his head), and believe a little bit in God.” – Jeff In the hallway of the St. Pat’s Community Centre in Fremantle, WA, Jeff leans in a little closer to make sure I have understood him. He smiles widely, explaining he runs a housing commission not far from St. Pat’s. The work is tough, he says. His broken arm is a stark reminder of being on the wrong end of an abusive client. But Jeff never stopped smiling, admitting he once went through a “rough patch” himself. He’s currently looking into taking classes to become a drug and alcohol counselor to help people even further. Cheerily, he walks out into the courtyard to join other St. Pat clients enjoying their breakfast. This project is named after Jeff’s simple phrase “all you need is a little bit.” It’s a visual collaboration, and like all portraits the subject must be willing to show another side – just a little bit of their personality, their story. Over two mornings Kelly McIlvenny would have the pleasure of meeting 16 of St. Pat’s clients, of all ages and backgrounds. The quotes were taken from their short exchange, giving you just a hint of the complexity of their lives and being; their beauty lying in their imperfections, as well as their optimism. St. Pat’s provides meals, crisis support, accommodation, health-care, and personal support to those in need. It is a place where people can come not just for physical needs, but social interaction. For more information about the centre please visit
Client St. Patricks Community Centre